Syncphonia consists of two apps: a Conductor app and a Performer app. They have been designed and refined in close collaboration with amateur and professional ensembles. We replace paper scores with a digital system that synchronises to the beat of a conductor or lead musician. The current bar and beat are highlighted so players can’t get lost, pages are turned automatically, and new parts can be distributed in seconds over a wireless network. User Guide here


The Syncphonia system features:

  • Conductor-controlled, synchronised digital notation for ensemble scores and parts

  • Free bundle of 36 scores, with parts for all abilities

  • Hands free page turns, with look ahead, so you know what’s coming next

  • Low delay Bluetooth networking

  • Upload your own .xml Sibelius scores - drag & drop or file sharing in iTunes


Conductor app allows you to:

  • Organise and manage your orchestral library

  • Share new parts across the ensemble in seconds

  • Intuitively and expressively control tempo

  • Use metronomic or manual tempo control for rehearsals

  • Jump to bar or figure


Performer app features:

  • Bar and optional beat highlighting so you never get lost

  • Instant selection between available instrumental parts plus full score (new for Version 3)

  • Freedom to scroll through your own part between synchronised rehearsal run-throughs

  • Access to all previously opened scores for private practice


Syncphonia 3.0 has been tested on the following hardware:

Apple iPads:​

Apple iPad - iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 (iOS 12 or higher)

Future versions will be available in Android formats.

If you’d like to try Syncphonia on other devices not listed, we’d love to hear from you.

Our Road Map


Syncphonia creators meet at Sussex University 


Funding received from the Enterprise Development Panel


Syncphonia partner with UK schools


Including upload facility and score store


App development begins


Soft launch of Syncphonia app


Launch of Syncphonia 2.0 app