Music teachers love to see every student in their ensemble engaged, enjoying the music and making the most of their potential. Syncphonia has been purpose built to offer a more supportive environment for music teaching and learning.

Syncphonia is particularly suitable for mixed ability GCSE classes exploring set works and other repertoire, whole-class ensemble work in KS3, and beginner and early music readers in primary and secondary school ensembles in years 4-8. It is also beneficial for mixed ability A level classes to enable non-orchestral instrumentalists to join in with performances of set works and other repertoire. 

Version 3.0, released July 2020, includes GCSE and A level set works in the Free Scores Bundle and a new 'All Parts' option in the Performer App - users can view 5 parts or scroll through the full score during playback. Perfect for teaching - the Conductor can move all the Performers to any bar or rehearsal number instantly. 

New for Version 3.0: App users can also upload their own arrangements to the Conductor App using .xml files originated in Sibelius. Use the Finder to drag and drop your .xml files from your computer into Syncphonia Conductor on your iPad or use File Sharing in iTunes. Full details in our User Guide.


For Schools

Leading the way in music provision doesn’t have to cost your school the earth. Make the most of your annual technology budget and explore new music for mixed-ability ensembles through Syncphonia’s growing digital library. Avoid the wasted expense of iPads gathering dust, by bringing them into the music room. The Syncphonia system helps to widen participation and encourages children to persevere with ensemble music-making, a key part of national curriculum requirements.

For Students


Research shows that children benefit in multiple ways from taking part in ensemble music making, but that they learn new skills faster when they are enjoying themselves. Losing your place or struggling to keep up can be very demotivating for beginners and can even lead to people leaving. Syncphonia’s networked score reader helps everyone keep their place bar by bar, and even leads to the ensemble playing longer pieces better, helping more experienced players to stay engaged. Thus Syncphonia supports mixed-ability ensembles in classrooms, enabling pupils to develop together.

For Teachers


Learning music takes time, but time to teach it is in short supply. That’s why it can be so frustrating when the wheels fall off. Setting up takes longer than expected, half the class have forgotten their sheet music, and rehearsals are stop-start. Before you know it, your time for the week is up, and you haven’t even finished one piece. With Syncphonia Conductor on your tablet, you’re back in control. Reduce downtime by jumping back in together, at the bar of your choice. And best of all, no more transposing parts by hand!

Want to upload your own arrangements? It's easy - just drag and drop your .xml files (must be originated in Sibelius) from your computer into the Conductor App on your iPad or use File Sharing in iTunes . Full details in our User Guide

“The iPad has stopped me from getting lost in the music and I thought I was letting down the team and they are making me feel happier and I'm not letting them down and now I know where I'm going... I will be more confident going back to sheets, it will be better because the iPads are helping me use the music.  ”​

Lily, cello player, aged 8

Southover Primary School, Lewes

Syncphonia in the Classroom

The Syncphonia app suite has been designed and built in close collaboration with music teachers and schoolchildren – and we’re continuously building on it with your support and feedback. Get in touch to discuss your school’s requirements and challenges.