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Syncphonia consists of two apps: a Conductor app and a Performer app.

The Conductor app displays the full score and controls the tempo. The Performer apps display individual parts which are synchronised to the beat set on the Conductor app. The tempo can be fixed automatically, like a metronome, or varied expressively as traditional conducting. The bar and (optionally) beat are highlighted, so nobody can get lost.

How does it work?

Local wireless network communication

The apps communicate via Bluetooth 4 - that means no need to connect to the internet, no issues with local networking, and minimal delay. Just turn on Bluetooth and open the apps. We have tested up to 25 devices up to a distance of 30 meters without error.


When you open the Conductor app and select a score, Syncphonia will instantly display that piece on all active Performer Apps; Performers can then select their individual part or (new for Version 3) view the full score (up to 5 parts, scrollable) using the All Parts option.

Syncphonia comes with a library of 36 free scores, with parts arranged for players of all abilities. Many pieces include Colour Notes parts, using the Boomwhacker system, so beginners and non-readers can join in too. 

Folder of compositions/arrangements by Ed Hughes to demonstrate selected content of free Syncphonia library

List of free scores by title: 

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List of free scores by composer: 

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Sample full score