Our Vision

Syncphonia is born from our passion for making music together, and recognition that modern technologies can support that experience in new ways.

We are musicians and programmers who know the pleasure and value of ensemble performance, but also recognise the real challenges of every-day group music making. Syncphonia was carefully co-created with conductors and players, using contemporary technologies to maximise the enjoyment of music making.

Designed and refined over two years, working with amateur and professional ensembles, Syncphonia replaces paper scores with a digital system which synchronises to the beat of a conductor or lead musician. The current bar and beat are highlighted, so players can’t get lost, pages are turned automatically, and new parts can be distributed in seconds over a wireless network.

Syncphonia provides seamless, intuitive technology to enhance the experience of ensemble performance for all.


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Syncphonia Apps


The Syncphonia system enables:

  • Synchronised digital notation system for orchestral scores and parts
  • Conductor-controlled synchronised highlighting across parts so everyone is in time
  • Hands free page turns, with look ahead, so you know what’s coming next
  • Ultra low latency bluetooth networking
  • Support for Retina displays

Conductor app features include:

  • Loading, saving and sharing music XML scores via iTunes, or import your own from Sibelieus or Musescore
  • Organisation and management your orchestral library
  • Sharing new parts across the orchestra in seconds
  • Intuitive and expressive tempo control
  • Metronomic tempo control for rehearsals
  • Full score preview and parts zoom
  • Jump to bar or figure
  • Choice of bar or beat highlighting for performers - or turn it off when more advanced

Performer app features

  • Instantly select any available instrumental part
  • Dynamic position highlighting so you never get lost
  • Choose between bar or beat highlighting
  • Scroll through parts during rehearsal breaks


Computer system requirements:

The minimum hardware and operating system requirements for Syncphonia™ for iOS are:
  • iOS - Apple iOS 9 or higher
  • Apple iPad - iPad Pro, iPad 3, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2


We are currently running a free schools' partnership scheme to work with young ensembles to understand your needs.

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